February 2015

 February 2015                       

                                                                                                      WATER LINE                                        

                                                                                             Annual Convention Review

                                                                                     by WWWA President-Travis Hueller

The annual Wyoming Water Well convention was another success.  It was another fantastic showing of members and vendors.  The trade show had 27 vendors that brought knowledge and innovative products to all WWWA members.

Richard Thron, NGWA (National Ground Water Association) President, was such an asset to have at the convention. He made his way around to all members to share experiences and knowledge he has gained. The opportunity to get a review from the NGWA on what they are currently doing was very informational.  He stated that “you are lucky to have Lynn Ritter wanting to make an enforceable code that’s workable in the real world.”

As always, the CE training classes were informative and very helpful to expand your knowledge. The Electrical License class was a big success and had very high reviews. Bruce Trembath and his team put on an intriguing training. Those who took the training and passed the electrical exam certainly experienced the value in their time spent there. The WWWA greatly appreciates all efforts of the members in becoming compliant to electrical requirements.

Without fail the Parkway Hotel once again put on great meals for the convention. The banquet and auction went off without a hitch and the evening was enjoyable. The WWWA would like to thank the entertainer of the evening, Cody Landstrom, for a great show.  

We were again, able to raise money for student scholarships! Some will now benefit from and further their education due to our successful auction. This year 11scholarship were given. Four of the applicants have parents that are members of the association. They are as follows:

Coan Price-Wheatland-member Kurt Price

Olivia Christensen-Cody-member Grant Christensen

Jordyn Anderson-Cheyenne-member Clay Sullivan

Amber Christianson-Lusk-member Curtiss Christianson

Other winners were Savanah Richter- Moorcroft, Jodi Gantz-Alva, Kaylee Montgomery-Rolling Hills, Jenae Hudson-Lander, Robert Buline-Crowheart, Raustin Grandy-Cokeville and Tally Wells-Deaver.

 The application is available on the website at www.wywaterwell.org or at the high schools and colleges in Wyoming. Please be sure to inform your local schools of the availability of this scholarship so guidance counselors in the high schools can help to  inform their graduates.  You can contact the association for the application or for further information regarding the scholarship. 

The WWWA also handed out several awards and would like to recognize the following individuals for their service:

Bruce Trembath II- Presidential Award

Steve Kaser-Forge Pacific- Al Eller Outstanding Service

Dale Bowman, Bowman Irrigation-Member of the Year 

Election Results:

John Beightol, Beightol Plumbing and Electric, LaGrange was elected to serve as the Area IV Director.  This year was a limited year for term elections, as the President and Vice President serve a 2 year term, but keep your minds open for next year.  There will be several positions up for election. Please let a board member in your area know if you are interested in helping out on the board itself or if you have a nomination that needs to be pursued in your area for the upcoming term.

Also keep in mind for next winter, if you plan to attend the NGWA Expo convention and are willing to be a delegate for Wyoming, the WWWA will pay your Expo registration fee. Please let the office know of your attendance so you can receive this benefit. Marti will need to submit your name in advance for pre-registration as a delegate from Wyoming in order to serve. 

It has been an outstanding year. We hope that everyone’s upcoming 2015 will be a successful year as well.  Please remember to stay involved with your association and if you have any concerns, comments or would like to attend board meetings please feel free to log on to our website for a complete list of contact info. www.wywaterwell.org or keep this newsletter as a reference to the board member information located on the left boarder.   

Remember this association is working for you! It is up to you to stay in touch and we will keep you informed as changes arise.