June 2017

              Wyoming Water Well Association June 2017



The quarterly board meeting will be held on July 28, 2017 in Lander. Please feel free

to join us! We will be discussing bylaw changes and possibly changing our name to

Wyoming Ground Water Association.

Also, there was not enough interest for the golf tournament so we

will not be having one this year. We will have 4 hours of CEU’S

on the 28th, starting at noon. Be on the lookout for the

registration form!

The Inn at Lander

260 Grandview

Dr, Lander, WY

(307) 332-2847

Managing a Flooded Well

If you live in an area susceptible to flooding or if your have experienced flooding

recently, there are a few things you should know about your drinking water supply.

Important advisories that should be followed after a flood:

• Do not drink or wash with your well water. Your private well may be in

danger of contamination from pollutants carried by flood water.

• Do not turn on the well pump. There is a danger of electrical shock and

damage to your well or pump if they were flooded.

Contact your well professional for help in dealing with the impacts of the flood on your

water quality and well system.

You should suspect water contamination any time your well casing becomes flooded; if

your well is shallow and you are near areas that have been flooded; or if you notice taste,

color or sediment changes in your water. Flood conditions can allow bacterial, viral, parasitic,

or chemical contamination to enter the top of your well or seep down along your well's

casing. Even if flood water did not rise over the top of your well casing, your neighbor's well

may have been flooded, allowing contamination to migrate underground to your well.

If you suspect your drinking water is contaminated, find an alternative source for

drinking, cooking and washing. You can get water from a neighbor's well you know is safe or

from a community water supply, or you can purchase bottled water. If you can't find a

convenient source of safe water, boil your well water before use. Boil the water vigorously for

If you live in an altitude greater than one mile above sea level, increase boiling

time to three minutes. For more information on boiling your water, see our wellcare®

information sheet What You Need to Know if You Are Told to Boil Your Drinking Water.



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Meeting Calendar

July 27, 2017- 10 am


July 28, 2017- 8 am


Please feel free to contact us at:

Wyoming Water Well Association

PO Box 2705

Casper, WY 82602



Affiliate state of National Ground Water Association

Member of Wyoming VOAD

WWWA Waterline !4

Board of Directors

Travis Hueller, President

Premier Powerplants & Pumps

Farson 307-350-8494


Aaron Wilson, Vice President

A&A Eathworks

Wheatland 307-331-8833


John Midkiff, Secretary/Treasurer

Midkiff Well Service

Lusk 307-334-2383


Roy Weber, Area 1 Director

Weber Drilling

Jackson 307-413-0419


Wes Moody, Area 2 Director

All Around Drilling

Hulett 307-763-7563


John Zupan, Area 3 Director

Zupan Electric & Zupan Plumbing

Thermopolis 307-864-2747


John Beightol, Area 4 Director

Beightol Plumbing & Electric

LarGrange 307-834-2454


Kim Brown, Area 5 Director

Premier Powerplants & Pumps

Farson 307-273-9591


Matt Henderson, Director At large

Henderson Drilling

Casper 307-267-2461


Brad Meyer, Manuf./Supplier Rep.

Denver Brass

Casper 307-248-1219


Jade Slaymaker, Executive


PO Box 2705

Casper, WY 82602. 307-267-3806