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June 2015                          



This is a special report to all Wyoming Water Well members from John Midkiff, Midkiff Well Service and resident of Lusk.  The WWWA is a member of VOAD the disaster response organization responsible to help in time of crises. If any WWWA member would like to offer to help with the clean-up, please contact Steve Barbour, 307-686-2573, chair of VOAD. 


Good Morning Association Members:

 I hope this short note finds everyone in good health and turning to the right.

On the night of Wednesday the 3rd at about 2 a.m. a severe rain storm parked its self-east of Manville and by 4 a.m. had made it’s way to Lusk.  6 inches of rain give or take made the Little Niobrara River that runs through the north side of Lusk into what sounded like a jet engine taking off. 

The storm severely damaged property from the east side of Manville through Lusk to the Nebraska state line.  Several north side homes were lost, main street businesses were flooded, the over pass washed out and dropped to the Union Pacific tracks below.  Vehicles were destroyed and the town was full of debris.

No human life or limb was lost!

The flooding is certainly one for the record book.  Lusk’s private citizens, city employees, fire department and  EMT’s , county and city police and  oilfield contractors all pooled together to save our community but it will be a long uphill climb.

Additional information can be found at:   www.luskherald.com , channel 5 CBS news out of Cheyenne and the Rapid City Journal. 

Safety meeting for the day “Turn Around…Don’t drown.


John Midkiff


Wyoming Water Well Association