2017 Scholarship Award Winners

  • Amber Christianson – Lusk
  • Lexie Dockery – Lusk
  • Kevin Christianson – Lusk
  • Tanner Luthy – Gillette
  • Ryan Curtis – Rock Springs
  • Mackenzie Dickinson - Riverton
  • Hailey Mazurkiewicz – Evanston
  • Billy Williams - Gillette

Wyoming Water Well Richard A Stockdale Memorial Scholarship

This $800 scholarship is offered to Wyoming resident undergraduates or post secondary students currently enrolled full time at a college, university or other educational institution with a 2.0 or better grade point average.The Association recognizes the need for educational advancement at all levels of the industry and seeks to support students pursuing their educational goals.

Applications must be completed in full and submitted to the proper location by January 5, 2018. Applications not filled out in entirety and essays not completed at 250-500 words will be disqualified.

Priority will be given to an applicant that is related to a WWWA member. 

Download Application

Please fill out application, print, and mail to:

Wyoming Water Well Association
PO Box 2705
Casper, WY 82602